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Solving IRS Tax Problems

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Got IRS tax problems like back taxes or tax penalties you can’t pay, or late and unfiled returns? Call Tax Clean Up before you call the IRS.

You may have gotten advice to call the IRS first, but simply making that call puts you on the radar of an IRS agent (Revenue Officer). The notice you may have received was likely computer-generated about a single problem. Make yourself known through that phone call, and the IRS agent now has an incentive to look your entire tax history over “while they have you” to see what other issues you may have.

As Enrolled Agents and CPAs with years of experience dealing with the IRS, we have found the most effective way to solve your IRS problem is quietly. We can usually get the information we need from the IRS to help your situation without raising a flag, so no one starts snooping around for “other issues”. We know when to call the IRS. We also know exactly what to say and what NOT to say. Why ask for trouble?

Tax Penalties – Mistakes, Civil Penalties (civpen) and Criminal Penalties

People make mistakes in calculating their taxes, and the IRS knows it. That’s why:

  • The fines for mistakes are usually only 20% of your underpayment, unless they can prove you were being fraudulent in your return.
  • Fail to File or Fail To Pay penalties can cost a little more – each up to 25% of the amount owed.
  • Willingly failing to file a required tax return, filing a false return, tax evasion or tax fraud can be viewed as criminal acts, and are subject not only to penalties (often up to 75%, plus interest) but also fines and even jail time.

Avoid Tax Penalties and Fines

Our mission at Tax Clean Up is to avoid and/or minimize every fine and penalty (called penalty abatement) for you that we can. This goes for business tax problems as well, like payroll tax problems and Trust Fund Recovery Penalties (TFRP). If you are in this situation, it is important to get help from a tax professional who is specialized and competent in this area of tax practice. The cost of getting help is nothing compared to the potential damage that can be done by not seeking professional advice.

Call Tax Clean Up at 214-617-2020 now to discuss your tax matter. We’ll help you with your current situation and negotiate for the best possible outcome.