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Electrical Contractor, Texas $1.7M IRS debt SETTLED for $65k

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Business Employment Payroll Tax and Alter-Ego Liens – $1.7 Million 941 Payroll Tax IRS Debt Settled for $65k

This electrical service contractor serviced the schools in a major Texas city. It was a great business until the city retroactively changed the code after a large chunk of work was completed. They were unable to absorb the substantial costs of the changes required. As a result, they were unable to pay their payroll taxes and this started a snowball effect. Before they knew it, the IRS was crawling all over them, they had hired help from other “tax professionals” but the problems just got worse. After several rounds with the IRS they finally found the Tax Clean Up team, and we went to work. We rebuilt everything from scratch, prepared and fought and appealed. We were able to get this done quickly enough to save them from having this reduced to a judgement. Final Result: $1.7M tax debt, settled for $65k.

Electrical Contractor, Texas

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